Family Lives is a care-oriented organization.  At particular times, in particular places, our patients, families, nurses, and therapists need us to be their advocate.

Whenever and wherever this is necessary, we work to treat the causes of our patients, families, nurses, and therapists as our own and act on behalf of them as if we were acting on our own behalf.

It was our pleasure, it was our privilege to advocate for our nurses on 20 January 2017.  That Friday, administrators delivered and submitted testimony in support of increasing and maintaining rates of payment for continuous skilled nursing care in the home at the public hearing relative to the emergency adoption of 101 CMR 350.00 and the emergency repeal of 114.3 CMR.  (101 CMR 350.00 governs the rate of payment for continuous nursing care by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.)

Testimony Of Chief Executive Officer

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All newly benefited employees are eligible to sign-up for benefits within thirty (30) days from your benefited start date.  If you miss this date, then you must wait until open enrollment to sign-up for benefits.  Open enrollment for health, dental, and vision insurance commence in July with benefits effective 1 August.  Open enrollment for short term disability, HRA, and FSA commences in December with benefits effective 1 January.

All benefit forms may be e-mailed to For your own safety, please remember to NEVER fill out your social security number when emailing benefit forms. We already have it on file and can look it up when necessary. You may also fax or mail your benefit forms to the Wakefield office.

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